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KDE 2.0 Development , by David Sweet, et. al is published by MacMillan/SAMS under the Open Publication License v1.0 with Option B.

The book is intended for programmers who know C++. It covers several KDE 2.0 topics such as component embedding (KParts), interprocess communications (DCOP), multimedia (aRts), and the XML GUI system, as well as introductory KDE/Qt programming, documenting with KDoc and DocBook, developing applications with KDevelop and more.

The contributing authors are KDE developers who, in several cases were writing about technology that they designed and/or implemented are:

  • Kurt Granroth (also technical editor)
  • Cristian Tibirna
  • David Faure
  • Espen Sand
  • Stefan Westerfeld
  • Ralf Nolden
  • Daniel Marjama"ki
  • Charles Bar-Joseph
The forward was written by KDE's founder, Matthias Ettrich.

The book is available for online reading, annotation, and discussion at Andamooka.